The Dead Tell Tales Lucy Swan

ISBN: 9781494933661



240 pages


The Dead Tell Tales  by  Lucy Swan

The Dead Tell Tales by Lucy Swan
| Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 240 pages | ISBN: 9781494933661 | 7.12 Mb

If you died tomorrow, what would the story of your death be?In these nine stories, debut author, Lucy Swan explores the darkness to bring you stories to thrill, terrify and disgust you.BrimstoneAn ageing gunslinger is hired to kill a dragon that has been terrorising a small town during the tail end of Wild West.Hail The New FleshHacker, David Rebus is sent into dangerous territory to make a trade with a local gang.

Little does he know that he has been chosen as prey by a relic of the areas old robot factory.When We Were YoungWhen elderly woman, Gretle Schmidt receives a knock on her door one snowy winters night, she is greeted by a gentleman from her homeland. Although she cant remember his name, she soon comes to understand why he wants her to take a walk in the snow.The Dead Tell TalesDeath is a difficult thing to deal with for the living but for the deceased, its even worse. After a fatal kitchen accident, Brian James is forced to contend with the creaking bureaucracy of the afterlife.Three DaysThe diary of an anonymous man found by archivists in a post-apocalyptic England relives his final days after the nuclear attack that devastated the world.The Last Words of Sian WoodrowAfter losing everything due to her fathers bankruptcy, A young victorian woman is forced into prostitution whilst living with a schoolfriend with a penchant for black magic.

Although she manages to escape, a chance encounter with another friend sends her life spiralling out of control as she realises reality is not what it seems.1 Cullington RoadLucian DeShawn wanted to live somewhere strange. When he arranges to visit a logic-defying house in the middle of nowhere, he has no idea that nothing he encounters within One Cullington Roads grounds is quite what it seems.One Final NightCat Jenkins is distraught to find out her girlfriend, Cherry has died in a car crash.

Alone in the middle of nowhere she begins to wonder how she could cope without her. When a familiar voice tells her not to cry, however, she realises death isnt always so heartless.Liquidation NationIn this sickening and disturbing story that will make you think twice before letting a salesperson into your home, we find out just how far the government are willing to go to deal with overcrowding in the UK.

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