Quick Answer: What’S A Word For Eager To Learn?

What do you call someone who never stops learning?


Having or showing great knowledge, mastery or learning..

What do you call someone who is willing to try new things?

enterprising. adjective. willing to try or think of new ideas or methods.

How do you say eager to learn new things?

The closest word I can think of would be receptive or eager. However, for preciseness, you should say eager to learn new things. You could call them “curious”. If you are looking for a noun, the best would be probably be polymath, or at least one seeking to become one.

How do you show you are eager to learn?

Here are 13 ways you can naturally increase your eagerness to learn and keep feeding your curiosity to stay on your learning goals.Just Show Your Eagerness. … Stay Updated. … Don’t Stop Developing Your Skills. … Look for Challenges. … Learn Lateral Thinking. … Be Open to New Experiences. … Start to Be Interesting. … Gain Initial Knowledge.More items…

How do I describe my skills on a resume?

Here’s how to list skills on a resume for a job: Be relevant to the position you’re after: pay attention to required skills mentioned in the job ad and list those on your resume. Create a legible, separate skills section: list up to 10 key job skills, optionally adding descriptions of your proficiency level.

How do you use the word eager?

Eager sentence examplesHe seemed eager to talk all night. … Betsy was more than eager to comply. … “You look as eager for tomorrow as I am,” he said. … I left the well-house eager to learn. … We barely slept that night, in eager anticipation of glimpsing our first rays of sunshine! … I am eager to know.More items…

Whats Does enthusiastic mean?

: feeling or showing strong excitement about something : filled with or marked by enthusiasm.

What is the meaning of eager to learn?

adj having or showing keen interest or intense desire or impatient expectancy. “eager to learn”

How do you express willingness to learn?

How to demonstrate your willingness to learn and growProvide examples of how you are self-teaching. … Highlight your dedication to growth. … Embrace emerging technology. … Explain how your ideas have helped the bottom line. … Ask questions in the interview.

What is another word for willingness?

What is another word for willingness?preparednessreadinessenthusiasminclinationwillalacrityamenabilityeagernessagreeablenessagreement21 more rows

How do you say self taught on a resume?

You can put that under ‘competencies’ if they pertain to your field of work or higher studies( if you’re applying to). Self taught skills could be for example: I would have learnt public speaking by trial and error. I do not have any certificate stating the same. Yet, I can put that under my competencies.

What does Coolheaded mean?

not easily excitedEnglish Language Learners Definition of coolheaded : not easily excited : able to think and act in a calm way.

Is Willingness a skill?

A willingness to learn new things is an important skill to have no matter what kind of job you want. But in the shipbuilding industry, this thirst for knowledge will be incredibly important to your career long term.

What do you call someone who tries new things?

Near-synonyms include unrestrained, unchecked, uncontrolled, unfettered, free, unbound, unconstrained, wild or unruly, unbridled, boundless, limitless, unstultified. Regarding adventurous I prefer form venturesome (or perhaps adventuresome) but the meaning is nearly the same.

What do you call someone who wants to learn everything?

A pantomath is a person who wants to know or knows everything. The word itself is not to be found in common online English dictionaries, the OED, dictionaries of obscure words, or dictionaries of neologisms.

What is the word for willing to do anything?

Frequently Asked Questions About willing Some common synonyms of willing are deliberate, intentional, and voluntary. While all these words mean “done or brought about of one’s own will,” willing implies a readiness and eagerness to accede to or anticipate the wishes of another.

Is eager to learn a skill?

Readiness to learn and eagerness to grow are key CV skills These resume skills also imply that you’re loyal to organisations, as learning and growth generally take place over a period of time.