Antichrist Doctrine Brian Watchly


Published: December 10th 2014



Antichrist Doctrine  by  Brian Watchly

Antichrist Doctrine by Brian Watchly
December 10th 2014 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | | ISBN: | 10.40 Mb

What would be Satans greatest victory or prize, to defile a temple built by the Jews in Jerusalem or to defile the temple that God the Father has built by Christ Jesus, which fills the world of men? (It would help if you understood that a third temple and an Antichrist man comes from the imagination, which this book shows).Two End Time doctrines taught in the corporate Church today are Preterism and Antichrist, and this book exposes both of them to be false doctrines of eschatology.

The Antichrist man is a much more popular teaching, but there are many problems with the doctrine. Many Christians are taught to believe that it is Biblical, because it has become such a popular teaching, but it is not.Some of the most important Scriptures examined in this book are from First John where the word antichrist is used and from Second Thessalonians 2, where the word temple and the phrase man of sin are used. These words are the foundation for the Antichrist doctrine, and this book carefully examines them in their proper context and content to prove that the Antichrist doctrine is a false doctrine.

A beginner can read and learn from this book.

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