Dating in Silicon Valley Roni Greer-Raulwing

ISBN: 9781588986283

Published: January 4th 2002


100 pages


Dating in Silicon Valley  by  Roni Greer-Raulwing

Dating in Silicon Valley by Roni Greer-Raulwing
January 4th 2002 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 100 pages | ISBN: 9781588986283 | 6.22 Mb

In the book Dating in Silicon Valley, open the door to insight and almost voyeurism-like look into the dating life of the Silicon Valley inhabitants. You will be treated to opinions, stories, and candid interviews about dating experiences in the Valley. This work takes dating to another level by talking honestly about life and the pursuit of a personal life in Silicon Valley. Amidst the long working hours, computers, and the high ratio of men versus women, and the juggling of priorities pursuing that perfect mate.Learn what men and women really want, and the challenges they choose to endure in order to meet the one that fulfills, or falls desperately short of their dream match.

This book was a joy to write. I had the good fortune to interview many intriguing individuals who were eager to open up a treasure to me about their dating life, preferences, and horror stories. After years of casual conversations, it took eight long months of interviews via phone, in person, talking with strangers, and getting to know virtual strangers.

Many times I had the opportunity to play matchmaker to friends and friends of friends. I discovered that their experiences usually ended up in a not so friendly parting, or they were able to transition the bond to friendship. This work represents many nights spent discussing our problems, counseling each other, and trying to find out why we were not able to find the one. This chronicling provides the reader a glimpse into the many nights out in the clubs, bars, parties, and the blind dates.Many often wondered why there were so many searching singles in an area full of eligible partners.

Now you have some insight and experiences to read about, laugh, wonder, and talk about!

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