Dimensions of Dignity at Work S.J. Bolton

ISBN: 9780750683333

Published: July 1st 2007


263 pages


Dimensions of Dignity at Work  by  S.J.  Bolton

Dimensions of Dignity at Work by S.J. Bolton
July 1st 2007 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 263 pages | ISBN: 9780750683333 | 3.51 Mb

Sharon Bolton began this book with an investigation into why dignity at work matters, and her questions, why dignity? why now?, are tremendously fruitful. An important message to emerge from this book is that dignity and its absence are characteristics of humans working together- neither is inevitable, and our choices can make one more likely than the other.Brendan Barber, TUC General SecretaryDimensions of Dignity at Work covers every aspect of the dignity argument- it is clearly written and thought-provoking and develops a wider definition of the subject.

It encourages a move away from a simplistic view that is only about removing bullying and harassment and addresses core issues involved in understanding the concept of dignity at work.This ground breaking work investigates the concept of dignity and what it means to our working lives: how are we perceived and valued as people in the workplace. The chapters address key issues:•What is dignity in and at work•How is it being experienced differently by different groups of people?•Do patterns emerge from empirical studies to suggest enduring divisions of dignity•To what extent has dignity come under pressure and what are the consequences of a breakdown in dignity at work•How can we ensure that opportunities are available for the creation, maintenance and/or restoration of dignity at work•What role does management practice play in the creation and maintenance of dignified workplaces?A multi-contributor edited collection at the forefront of growing interest in this area, it is essential reading for practitioners, academics, studentsof business and management and sociology, policy makers and publicly funded research bodies and organizations committed to promoting the welfare of people in work.Sharon Bolton is Professor of Organizational Analysis at Strathclyde University Business School.

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