Am I Still Yours? (Romance Novels) Bella Passion



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Am I Still Yours? (Romance Novels)  by  Bella Passion

Am I Still Yours? (Romance Novels) by Bella Passion
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Thankful for saving his life, Mr. John Collins took in Darlene, the only child of his employee who was killed on his account.Mr. Collins adored Darlene just like his very own daughter. Everybody loved her except Amy, Mr. Collins’ niece, who from the very beginning was not enthusiastic about the adoption.Amy’s envy was also fueled when Jeremy and Darlene fell in love with each other. Amy connived with another guy to set up Darlene and destroy her romantic relationship with Jeremy.

Jeremy fell into the trap and broke up with Darlene.Several years later, fate allowed Jeremy and Darlene’s paths to cross once more. With any luck this time, that same fate can clear up Darlene’s name. Could this moment also give them the chance to rekindle the love they had for each other, which was never lost, and to patch things up?About the AuthorWriting romance is natural to me not because of how I write but because of what I feel when I write. I have been in love and hurt before.Being in love is the best feeling in the world.

It brings out the best in you. If I dont feel that way again, I am contented because I will forever remember how it made me that happiest person in the world.No amount of education can really define a romance writer because everyone has his own interpretation of love. It cant be explained even if we use all the words we know. It cant be graded because feelings has no scores. As a writer, I am only using my experience and understanding in expressing my thoughts. Love is an emotion that can never be learned in any college course.Romance changes everyday just like in writing.

My readers appreciation of my work will be my ultimate motivation to write more. I hope my stories in its own little way will be an inspiration to many.

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