Sir Bubba Michael Cochran

ISBN: 9781935605195

Published: March 18th 2010


230 pages


Sir Bubba  by  Michael Cochran

Sir Bubba by Michael Cochran
March 18th 2010 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 230 pages | ISBN: 9781935605195 | 3.59 Mb

Six hundred years ago, the Knights of the Round Table swore their allegiance to the crown of England. Not just themselves, but also their male descendants all through time. Centuries later someone is trying to kill all of the remaining descendants.

Bubba McCall is a farmer from the Delta of Mississippi who believes that being a farmer is all he is and all he wants to be, but finds out that he is much more than that. He learns that he is a member of a secret organization sworn to protect the Royal Family in England.

When he is pressed into service he reluctantly accepts, even though he knows nothing about England. He takes on the task of helping to try to solve a mass murder that seems to be leading to the murder of the Royal Family. He takes a lackadaisical approach at first because he really doesnt want to be there. After an attempt on his life and the murder of the only person he calls a friend in that country, he becomes focused.

No clue is too small to escape his notice and no form of misdirection can throw him off track for long. When he meets Princess Anne, the granddaughter of Queen Margaret, a strong willed and determined young woman, they work together to bring this mystery to a close. Her involvement makes Bubba fear for her life, but she wont be deterred.

After all it is her family that is in danger. The clock is ticking...

Enter the sum

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