Spring Breeding with Daddy Sofia Bellhouse


Published: April 24th 2013

Kindle Edition

17 pages


Spring Breeding with Daddy  by  Sofia Bellhouse

Spring Breeding with Daddy by Sofia Bellhouse
April 24th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 17 pages | ISBN: | 8.13 Mb

What started as a hot Sunday morning spent cleaning the house takes an unexpected turn when Julies stepfather walks in on her topless. With his hands soon dipping down her tight shorts and his breathy murmurs of wanting a child tingling her ears, it doesnt take much for the sweet virgin to give into her darkest desires of being fucked raw and bred by her Daddy.Warning: this 5,700+ story is for adults only.

It includes oral sex for both genders, rough vaginal sex, barebacking, and a creampie leading to impregnation for a virgin willing to give her Daddy everything he wants. The characters in this story are not blood related.Excerpt:The sensation of his fingers slipping down underwear and over my moist clit caused my hips to buck instantaneously, a moan escaping me before I could even consider holding back. I squirmed in his grasp, though at this point I wasnt sure whether I was trying to get away or draw even closer.He took this as an opportunity to reach up and palm one of my tits, rolling a pink nipple between his thumb and forefinger.I moaned again, arching back against his body and shuddering when he dragged his tongue along the shell of my ear.You would give any man a beautiful child, but have you ever been fucked by one before?My face felt like it was going to melt right off, and yet a guilty part of me wanted him to keep talking like that.

It felt so wrong, but that forbidden touch was what stole my breath away. The moment he began rubbing my clit was when I bucked my hips again, shamelessly grinding up against his hands while he fondled me in the middle of our kitchen.I couldnt believe this was happening.

I was convinced that Id just gotten delirious from the heat, but the warmth of his hands and mouth just couldnt be mistaken for anything else.(daddy daughter virgin breeding taboo family sex erotica)

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